GODDjs Gaming Engine

The GODDjs Gaming Engine is built on the very popular impactjs html5 core. The impactjs engine is remarkable. But it is designed for programmers.

If you would like to build an html5 game, and you don't happen to be an expert javascript programmer, then you are pretty much out of luck when it comes to standard gaming solutions.

This is where GODDjs comes in. The GODDjs Gaming Engine provides the entities and tilesets necessary so that a non-programmer can make game levels.

To be a great level designer does not require programming. Level design is a different skill set. Working well with spacial flow, interaction dynamics, and manipulation of player attention are not dependent on programming skills. In fact, programming may not be the best background for developing these skills.

If you think about it, the best way to develop the skills of a level designer is to design levels.

GODDjs lets you design levels without all the pesky bother of programming.

If you combine the ability to "point & click" with finger painting you are well on your way to becoming a level designer.

GODDjs allows you to do this without the necessity of learning javascript or any other program language.