Junior Jiffy World Maker

Complete System

The Junior Jiffy World Maker is an HTML5 game maker. It includes:

  • Working environment
  • Editor
  • Gaming Entities
  • Instruction

No Programming Knowledge Required

Using the JJWM you can design HTML5 games without touching a single line of programming code. Each element of the game can be implemented through point and click editing.

You're Not Alone

The JJWM System is built around the POG concept. That means a group working together. In addition to the help given by JJWM instructors and staff, fellow students are encouraged to help each other along the way. Actually "encouraged to help" is not quite right. We fully expect students to help each other. In fact, there are certain questions that we leave in the competent hands of the POG to handle. An extention of the "each one teach one" concept. An invaluable tool for growth.